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Born from the 8 o’ Clock Club, a pioneer in live speaker events in Cape Town, South Africa, Moyo Talks showcases some of the most provocative speakers challenging all aspects of the world and how we relate in it; and offering real, practical tools to expand your mind, heart and soul.

Moyo is the Swahili word for heart; and it inspires the heart-centred approach of Moyo Talks, which aspires to be a leader in the field of transformative personal growth; specialising in helping open-hearted people searching for inspirational truth to heal themselves, their families, their communities, and ultimately, the world.

Offered in both in-person live format; and as online webinars, Moyo Talks has a jam-packed schedule of weekly events exhibiting a diverse array of subjects that touch on everything from the deepest core of our inner world to the furthest reaches of the outer world.

If you desire to connect with a heart-centred community where you can find spiritual expression, watch thought-provoking talks and interviews, and listen to heart-centred conversation, then you’ve found your home in Moyo Talks.

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