The 8 o' Clock Club is Evolving

and with it comes a facelift, a new name and the opportunity to make a greater impact

Introducing Moyo Talks

Heart-centred live speaker events and talkshops with online distribution and global reach

Expanding with Moyo The Heart Centre

A dynamic online personal development and healing platform
from Africa for the World

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Introducing MOYO

Moyo is a leader in the field of transformative personal growth; specialising in helping open-hearted people searching for inspirational truth to heal themselves, their families, their communities, and ultimately, the world.

If you desire to connect with a heart-centred community where you can find spiritual expression, watch thought-provoking talks and empowering talkshops, and access world-class personal development courses and programmes then you’ve found a home at Moyo.

Moyo is the Swahili word for heart; and it inspires the heart-centred approach of Moyo, which consists of two unique but complementary platforms: Moyo Talks and Moyo The Heart Centre.


Born from the 8 o’ Clock Club, a pioneer in live speaker events in Cape Town, South Africa, Moyo Talks showcases some of the most provocative speakers challenging all aspects of the world and how we relate in it; and offering real, practical tools to expand your mind, heart and soul.

Offered in both in-person live format; and as online webinars, Moyo Talks has a jam-packed schedule of weekly events exhibiting a diverse array of subjects that touch on everything from the deepest core of our inner world to the furthest reaches of the outer world.

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With its tumultuous past and burgeoning new democracy, South Africa became the poster child of truth and reconciliation, and the spirit of UbuntuUbuntu is the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity – “I am because we are.”  It is at the convergence of this deep African wisdom with ever-expanding global knowledge, that Moyo The Heart Centre brings its inspirational truth to the world.

Moyo The Heart Centre is a dynamic personal development platform by Africans, for Africans and the World.  The platform features some of the best courses and programs by leading African facilitators, coaches and healers.

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