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David Karchere

Our evolution is through consciousness. It relies on our conscious reconnection with the evolutionary urge within us. Reconnection happens first through the emotional body, for the individual and for the species.

When this happens for the individual, they have found their own authentic heart and soul. When a person finds that for themselves, they are assisting the work of finding the authentic heart and soul of humankind.

Such people are the hope of humankind and all Planet Earth.

Join this webinar with David Karchere

Wednesday 29th April 2020
8pm SAST (UTC +2)

  • Create a new vision and understanding of the nature of consciousness.
  • Increase your awareness of the power of consciousness to create individual and social change.
  • Receive an empowered vision of the relationship between consciousness and the human energy field.
  • Discover a deeper appreciation for the emotional dimension of consciousness.
  • Find the heart and soul of humanity in oneself.


David Karchere

David Karchere is a speaker and workshop leader, and author of the international bestseller Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

David is the foremost thought leader on Primal Spirituality worldwide. He describes Primal Spirituality as our first spirituality—the spirituality we were born with—and the innate, sacred bond that is behind all the world’s great religions and spiritual paths.

He is a teacher and practitioner of Attunement, an energy medicine practice, and he is the author of a deck of cards and accompanying book of meditations and prayers, Attunement: A Conscious Guide to Opening the Sacred Power of the Endocrine Glands.

David developed the Full Self Emergence program, a six-month internship for personal development and transformation. He originated the Healing Chant Workshop and the Journey Into the Fire Intensive. He has offered workshops, trainings and lectures in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

David is the Spiritual Director for Emissaries of Divine Light at Sunrise Ranch, a teaching and demonstration site for Primal Spirituality. It is located in Loveland, Colorado, U.S.A. on 400 acres in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Sunrise Ranch is staffed by a multigenerational community of 100 people. It is a conference and retreat center, as well as a working farm practicing regenerative agriculture. Founded in 1945, it is the oldest intentional community in the United States.

David is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. To find out more about his work, visit


Date & Time:

29th April 2020 at 20:00 (SAST)


The talk will be streamed live via webinar on Zoom.  Access details will be given on registration for the event.


In adherence to the national LOCKDOWN regulations, MOYO Talks and the 8 o’ Clock Club have cancelled all in-person live events until further notice.

Where feasible, all events will be offered as online digital events so that you can continue to access the incredible speaker knowledge that you have come to expect from us.

As digital platforms offer a different experience to live speaker events we have adopted an open-pricing model.  You may pay whatever you feel reflects fair value for the knowledge received.

We also recognise that many have been adversely affected by the LOCKDOWN and may not be in a position to attend paid talks.  We wish to support you to continue on your knowledge path during these trying times and encourage you to attend for FREE; trusting that you will pay this forward in someway, somehow, somewhere to another in need.


The Role of Consciousness in Birthing a New World

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