3 Secrets to Developing Invincible Energy

by Mark Bind

Moyo Talks

Developing invincible energy requires 3 things. Healing, grounding and protection.

Healing is a continuous process that takes time.

Grounding and protection on the other hand can be learnt and practiced immediately with great results.

These two practices are the simplest ways to prevent yourself from being affected by negative energy in the people and places around you.

The energy in the spaces around you effects the energy in your aura which in turn affects your energy. We have all had the experience of feeling dirty or tired after visiting a shopping centre, bank or government office.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to avoid these places whilst living in the modern world.

Fortunately we can learn some simple tools so that the negative energy in these places doesn’t enter into our aura and cause is to feel fatigued.

In a similar way, some people have a negative affect on our energy. Either from their negative emotions or the way our energy is drained by energy vampires.

Learning to manage and protect your energy is key to interacting with these people in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling wiped out.

Quite simply, grounding is the process of connecting your energy to the energy of the planet. This process leaves on feeling energetically strong and centred.

Protecting ones energy is about using various tools to prevent external energy from entering into your energy field. There are many ways to do this and you can choose whichever method feels best for you.

Some are simple like doing a visualisation or carrying a crystal. Others require more practice or other tools. Sometimes you may want to use a combination of tools, depending on how exposed you will be to negative energy.

What is important is that you understand that there are tools available and you need not feel the negative impact of negative energy ever again.

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About the Author: Mark Bind

Mark is an internationally certified intuitive energy healer and a teacher & trainer of energy healers.  As an intuitive energy healer Mark has spent several years exploring every physical symptom experienced by his family and has developed the Complete Aura Restoration, a proactive approach to energy healing that restores the entire energy body to its original state of divine light to assist with the ascension process.

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