How Managing Energy Can Transform your Life

by Valerie Aronson

Moyo Talks

18 year my life changed immeasurably …

My physical body had been in survival mode most of my life and at the age of 42 I finally succumb to years of suppressed trauma and was faced with severe health challenges because of it.

For a decade I was in and out of hospital with doctors scratching their heads in frustration as there seem to be no resolution in sight.

As I now know, there is often purpose to our pain and I can reflect back and recognise that my health issues were the ultimate catalyst to my healing journey.  I was encouraged to explore talk therapy, breathwork, yoga and meditation as modalities to heal what western doctors could not.  It took patience, resilience and perhaps some grace after a decade of deep inner work and surrender I finally healed the physical manifestations of my pain.

Talk therapy uncovered what was repressed, breath work revealed my own inner strength to heal and meditation gave me an opportunity to turn inwards for the first time in my life.

With my power fully restored I embarked on understanding and receiving the wisdom of many spiritual paths and teachers.  I became intrigued and delighted by what I discovered.  I could incorporate tools into my day that could change the trajectory of my life.  This insight turned to passion that lead me to becoming and Energy Healer myself.

With my training came a deep awareness of energy and the connectedness of all things on this earth.  I began to notice what certain people, situations, places and experiences would affect my energy in different ways.  I got curious as to why some spaces or people made me feel drained and depleted while others would have the opposite effect.  I began to get to know my own energy in a deep and profound way and this gave me insight into the energy of others.  I learned how to clear my energy when it was impacted by something negative and how to utilise my energy when it was empowered with flow and clarity.  This is in itself a tremendous life skill.

When understanding energy, it is important to learn about the Subtle Bodies and Chakras and the purpose and vibration of each energy centre.  This allowed me to begin to have a conversation with my body, my emotions, thought processes and my spiritual connection as well as my subconscious behaviours.  It all became a conversation of Energy.

Now, when I work with people it  has become apparent that as humans we get ungrounded very quickly by our lifestyles and environment.  Through learning Energy Management I learnt ways to ground myself by bringing myself back into my body and I was able to share this with clients in my practice.  When we learn how to ground ourselves, we learn how to be in the present and we release unwanted anxiety and fear around the future.  It can be profoundly healing to utilise this tool. 

The more I learnt the more I recognised that sometimes we need to protect our energy and discern what negative energy weighs us down and what positive energy energises and motivates us.

The more I fill my energy reserves with joy and loving thoughts, the lighter I feel and the more sensitive I became to unwanted energy.  As a human being navigating the world that at times holds challenge, this set of tools felt like my own set of super powers which allows me to work in a grounded, safe and connected way.

To learn about energy is to learn about yourself, your relationships and the world around you. It is a new language and a way of being that can transform your life, it gives you the ability to clear blockages, to welcome in flow and abundance in all areas and to connect with the human experience on a much deeper level.  It is empowering to have these skills and even more so a gift to share this knowledge with others.

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About the Author: Valerie Aronson

Valerie Aronson is a practicing energy healer, she runs a private practice in Cape Town.  She is internationally certified after completing a two-year healing certification through the School of Intuition and Healing.  She is passionate about meditation and living mindfully with present moment awareness.

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