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Johanna Botzkowski

Hello Human, are you also passionate about researching life, overcoming challenges, gaining empowering growth and stepping into your happy core success?

Discover the key factors to your authentic core success and happiness & discover 3 teachers that help you gain introspection, recognition and healing within this journey: Dance, Horses & Conscious Connection.

  • Get to know your authentic self
  • Understand how to break through barriers
  • Create your reality in alignment with your purpose
  • Discover how it is all inter-related

Join this exploratory Webinar in massive times of MINDSHIFT – how everything connects.

Do you want to connect better? Do you want better focus? Do you want to achieve more? Do you want to feel happy, holy and confident?

Well, it all starts with yourself.

  • Who are you?
  • Which choices do you make?
  • What are you talking about?
  • Which feelings, thoughts and words and thereby actions do you produce?
  • How do you connect?
  • How much do you talk and how how much you listen?
  • Which programs are running your life? Where do you feel stiff, stuck, stagnating?
  • Are you able to step out and take on the meta perspective?

Do you see, how easy it is to slip unconsciously to the other side? Meaning where sits structure, where starts chaos, where stillness, where staccato, where lyrical? And which natural rhythm do you follow, when and why?

Do you allow your body to explore many more resources like nature, healing, universe/ god, connection, animal spirits, higher purpose and so on, instead of getting stuck with what you think you are limited to?

You expand yourself with the gifts and resources of how to listen – express, to meditate, dance, connect, authentically share, give – take, lean – lead, expand – contract, share weight………………………………..?

Where do you desire help in your life?

Lets look at horses, dance and conscious connection as our biggest mirroring teachers for self reflection and retrospective growth.

Where to start? It all starts with yourself. We start NOW. Global times for MINDSHIFT:

Come, join the journey.


Johanna Botzkowski

Johanna is a peaceful warrior of the heart. She follows, where her higher self leads her, facing challenges along the way. Johanna is a charismatic, strong and positive speaker and coach.

Johanna Comes from a of Tourism/ Event Management (Master of Arts) background.  She journeyed into the field of movement, health and personal empowerment and now works as a holistic coach, body therapist and a dynamic trainer.

She gives seminars and facilitates creative projects worldwide.

Follow the shine and get involved! YES


Date & Time:

15th April 2020 at 20:00 (SAST)


The talk will be streamed live via webinar on Zoom.  Access details will be given on registration for the event.


In adherence to the national LOCKDOWN regulations, MOYO Talks and the 8 o’ Clock Club have cancelled all in-person live events until further notice.

Where feasible, all events will be offered as online digital events so that you can continue to access the incredible speaker knowledge that you have come to expect from us.

As digital platforms offer a different experience to live speaker events we have adopted an open-pricing model.  You may pay whatever you feel reflects fair value for the knowledge received.

We also recognise that many have been adversely affected by the LOCKDOWN and may not be in a position to attend paid talks.  We wish to support you to continue on your knowledge path during these trying times and encourage you to attend for FREE; trusting that you will pay this forward in someway, somehow, somewhere to another in need.


Mindshift! 3 Steps for Core Success

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