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Kate Spreckley

We are living in an incredible time where the soul of humanity is emerging as the guiding force behind our lives. 

With this emergence a collective awakening is being initiated which is shifting our human consciousness into a deeper, more spiritual awareness of our individuality and a recognition of our oneness. 

As a result, a more spiritual and authentic way of life is surfacing stirring a desire in each one of us for truth and understanding.

Join this webinar to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the collective awakening that is occurring at this time.
  • Discover the enormous benefits of this awakening.
  • Learn how it will serve us both individually and collectively.

The whole of creation is subject to a structure of cosmic cycles that ebbs and flows like the seasons and the tides. Humanity’s growth, development and evolution depends on these cosmic cycles and is connected to these cycles through the Earth.

Every 13,000 years a sacred event occurs in the Earth that shifts and evolves the consciousness of both humanity and the planet. This event is directed by a larger galactic transformation, which shifts the Earth’s spiritual energy from one location to another. 

An event which has occurred every 13,000 years since the creation of the planet itself.  It is a very natural, evolutionary process that ensures the continued existence of the Earth but does require a collective shift in how we, as humanity, exist in the planet. 

The shift which we are currently undertaking has been prophesied as a time of great transformation and purification.  A time of deep awakening, healing and change where the inner aspects of our soul are becoming more and more evident challenging us to shift our internal reality and our lives accordingly. 

For some this is an exhilarating and exciting ride.  For others a time of chaos and confusion.  No matter what you are feeling or how you are experiencing this period, it is a monumental time of change.


Kate Spreckley

As a coach, energy practitioner, speaker and facilitator Kate allows her natural skills and abilities to guide and support those who are in search of healing, growth and transformation.  Over the years Kate has allowed her inner guidance to shape the way in which she works.  She now offers a creative mix of everything she has found to be most useful and effective.  By choosing to work with Kate you are signing up for a transformational process in which every aspect of your life and or business is addressed.

Kate’s unique approach to healing, personal growth and development incorporates the entire being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul.  Her distinctive and unique gifts enable her to read energetic fields and to bring release, healing and clearing of blocks, old patterning, negative beliefs and challenging life experiences.  She offers processes and practices which bring you in a higher state of consciousness, connection and balance.

The author of ‘Awakening the Heart’ Kate has also contributed to numerous publication around the world since 2003.  Kate offers her services at her consulting rooms in Cape Town, South Africa, via Skype or Telephone.


Date & Time:

22nd April 2020 at 20:00 (SAST)


The talk will be streamed live via webinar on Zoom.  Access details will be given on registration for the event.


In adherence to the national LOCKDOWN regulations, MOYO Talks and the 8 o’ Clock Club have cancelled all in-person live events until further notice.

Where feasible, all events will be offered as online digital events so that you can continue to access the incredible speaker knowledge that you have come to expect from us.

As digital platforms offer a different experience to live speaker events we have adopted an open-pricing model.  You may pay whatever you feel reflects fair value for the knowledge received.

We also recognise that many have been adversely affected by the LOCKDOWN and may not be in a position to attend paid talks.  We wish to support you to continue on your knowledge path during these trying times and encourage you to attend for FREE; trusting that you will pay this forward in someway, somehow, somewhere to another in need.


Our Collective Awakening

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