An Experience in Spirit Art


Evidence Of Spirit Presence Through Precipitation Mediumship

Date & Time: 20th October 2020 at 19:00 (SAST)

Webinar: The workshop will be streamed live via webinar on Zoom.  Access details will be given on registration for the event.

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Evidence Of Spirit Presence Through Precipitation Mediumship

PRECIPITATION MEDIUMSHIP is an incredibly rare and beautiful form of spirit communication that includes images, writings and even signatures that “precipitate” out of the ether onto a surface. Colorful pigments (most often supplied by a medium) are reformed by a spirit and laid down intelligently so that the final product has meaning to the recipient or witness. Neither human hands nor physical writing/drawing/painting tools are involved directly in the process of creating this phenomena.

The focus of true precipitation is on the reformation of colored pigments themselves. 

This is not about automatic writing, where spirit controls the hands of the medium to write/draw/paint. 

When a spirit directly controls or manipulates (ie. levitates) these same tools using ectoplasmic and other forces alone (no human contact), this is termed “direct” writing/drawing/painting and is NOT precipitation mediumship. Broadly, all such examples given here are termed Spirit Art (being due to spirit influence).

Examples of Precipitation Mediumship covered in this lecture are “Artistic Expressions and Creations” that were completed by No Human Hands – 100% by Spirit Personalities. Ie. “Painted” Portraits of loved ones and Guides/Teachers in Spirit, Handwriting or actual Signatures of those now in Spirit, Works of Art and Meaning, Quotations and Sayings… and more. Again, the artifacts and images in this lecture were created 100% by Spirit Personalities – not by human hands. LEARN MORE HERE


Rev, Kevin Lee

Rev. Kevin Lee ( is a motivational speaker, author, business coach, paranormal researcher, medium and Metaphysical minister. He serves conferences, organizations and churches open to metaphysics, afterlife and self-empowerment principles.

Kevin served 13 years as Senior Minister of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida while hosting some 1800 metaphysical events. During this time, he began presenting his paranormal research into Precipitation Mediumship (images/writings produced by spirits out of the ethers). His articles are published on Dr. Raymond Moody’s website, Life after Life and with The Otherside Press.

His Latest Meditation Albums []:

  1. Divine Oneness Meditations
  2. Precipitation Mediumship – Empowering Spirit’s Artistry

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